Friday, July 10, 2015

Are you aware? Do you listen to the messages coming your way?

The Story

Things happen for a reason all the time. Still sometimes awakening to this reality is not easy. Our emotions also play an important role here. And we may not be paying attention and though missing an important LINK of information!

What are we doing with our daily experiences and the information we have from them.
Are we taking our lessons for granted?

This conversation happened in my office last month:

Esther: “Why are you here?”
Client: “Because you helped me in the past be a better student and find the road to follow”
Esther: “Thank you for this comment still I would like to know: why are you here today?”
Client: “Because I lost the road, I am afraid, I cannot see clearly where to go and what to decide about the future”

The Comments

We all need support along the journey of our own life. We all go through challenging situations. There are blocks, to overcome. Some people may see them as rivers with big stones to overcome. Others see an earthquake and there are also people unable to see because FEAR stops them from being themselves.

Remember that FEAR is a “False Evidence that Appears to be Real”. What does this mean? As human beings we all go through ups and downs. And when we have to face a challenging situation while in the down “stage” our subconscious mind wants to take control again from the situation; of course it wants to protect us from suffering remember past experiences we had in the past. So we begin to build stories! These stories are not true, because they are based in a moment of weakness we are going through, while we feel bad and do not believe in ourselves. We lack confidence and our self-esteem went down.
In the case of the student in my office last month, facing challenging situations at the University while needing to make important career decisions, important for his future, he stopped and suddenly was unable to move or do nothing with his own life.

What do I recommend in a situation like this one

This is the most valuable sentence I love to hear, after I have worked with a student or a client when he comes back after a long time: “What would you recommend me to do!”
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